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    I was in a bit of silent mode almost everywhere. I need to prepare my last exam for this year, which happened earlier today. I passed the exam!!! I am so so happy about it. I failed one exam this year though. Time to read non-study related books, right?

    It came to time when your snow white denim got dirty and you can’t get rid of the stains whatever you do. Some stains are means forever. After the tie-dye rage everywhere, especially the Isabel Marant tie-dye denim that got many bloggers did their own tie-dye Isabel Marant-ish project. The tie-dye will stay, even when it is out of the trends, I think you should keep wear clothing piece that make you feel good. So I decided to do the tie-dye technique on my dirty white denim. After twice in different way of dipping & knotting the denim into the black textile paint to get different shades of colours, then I did it in the bleach twice in two different kind of knotting. And voila! I love the result. Three or maybe four colours are on the jeans now. For sure many shades. I hope to shoot an outfit picture soon with my ‘new’-old denim.